Name: The elephant in the room
Type: Erasmus+ Training Course
Place: Kolin, Prague, Czech Republic
Date: 11-17/06/2019


Mad Med is joining this project as partner organization and is currently looking for 3 participants to the training. The aim of the project is to provide youth workers with knowledge, tools, methods for how to create safe spaces for dialogue and how to address social taboos held by young people.


  • Providing participants with basic knowledge and competences as to how to address tabooed topics in order for them to help prevent isolation of youth they work with.
  • Raising awareness among youth workers about issues affecting certain groups of young people in order to promote social inclusion.
  • To ensure exchange of best practices among the participants by creating a safe space for sharing.
  • Providing participants with tools for establishing a constructive dialogue, which can solve fights and arguments.

Participant profile

  • To be at least 18 years old.
  • Being able to work in English language (if you are able to read through this text, you are welcome to join!).
  • Being present for the whole training.
  • Interest in topics and methods mentioned in the info-pack.
  • Being an active a youth worker/leader/trainer/teacher or looking to work with youth in the future.
  • Previous experience with using English as a
    working language is an advantage.


  • Every involved organization will be asked to write (together with participants) an article about the project and present it on their websites: the activities we’ve had, impressions they’ve got and what impact they are expecting after.
  • Within a month after the training course, every partner organization is expected to organize follow up workshops on the topic of the training, led by participants.


  • The participant need to buy the flights tickets in advance and the travel cost will be reimbursed at the end of the project.
  • Book flights with flexible fares due to Covid-19.
  • Donate an amount of 60€ to Mad Med as membership fee.