By Luca Paolo Cirillo

Our first projects

As a new-born association, this is the first summer we left the dock and embraced the waves. The preparation was quite hard, but at the moment we only feel the breeze.

In June we participated our first Erasmus+ project. Thanks to the partnership with the CEFIG, we gathered 24 youth workers for a week of training in Kolin, Czech Republic. We discussed about the taboos and the stereotypes affecting our societies, sharing knowledge and methodologies to overcome them.

A month later, on this July, we have been working with Just do it in Karpacz, at the border between Poland and Czech Republic. We went through eight days of activities with 40 youngsters from different places and backgrounds, talking and playing about diversity in Europe, reflecting on identities, traditions, xenophobia and intolerance.

At the moment, the only thing we feel to say is “thank you” — thank you for all the people that made all this possible. Soon we will share new calls for future projects: stay tuned!

Erasm… US

A friend of a friend tells her about something called Erasmus +. He asks: «Would you like to have such an experience?». She is confused, she doesn’t know. But it comes to her mind a person who would be in for sure: me.

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The Way We Play

“The Way We Play” has been a training course of seven days focused on gamification and NFE methodologies, a week of strong vibes and shared emotions for 24 outernational cultural workers.

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My first Youth Exchange

Almost a month ago we were working in Karpacz, in the southern part of Poland. Francesco was with us, and he decided to share his experience with a short, inspiring photo-essay.

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