Training Course | 31July - 8 August 2019

Non-violent Europe

Training Course at Kolín, Czech Republic


CEFIG, the youth organization from Czech Republic, invites you to join us in the 7-day training course Non-violent EUrope (31st is arrival day and 8th is departure day). The project will be hosted in a beautiful city of Kolin, which lies on the Elbe river. We will be accommodated in 3-star hotel Theresia with all necessary comforts.

The project will be led by two amazing trainers with huge international experience – Marco Santos and Lorenzo Nava. Non-violent EUrope will get your skills to the next level, raise your confidence in communication and provide you with experience you can use everywhere – in your work, in your school, in your NGO or in your everyday life. We invite you to come to hear the experience of others and share yours!

Participants should meet the following requirements

  1. at least Intermediate level of English Language;
  2. have great interest in the topic of the project;
  3. are eager to use knowledge gained during this TC in their communities and organizations;
  4. 1 of 3 participants should be person with fewer opportunities, facing social, economic or geographical obstacles.

Objectives of the training course

  • promoting peace building by introducing past successful non-violent actions, that made real impact
  • giving skills and tools for transforming conflicts in both personal and professional life.
  • making participants aware of their role in civic society and promote activism and responsibility
  • build on participant’s current competencies in non-formal education and peacebuilding
  • make participants able to spread the ideas and knowledge on non-violent actions to young people Europe-wide.