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Erasm… US

A friend of a friend tells her about something called Erasmus +. He asks: «Would you like to have such an experience?». She is confused, she doesn’t know. But it comes to her mind a person who would be in for sure: me.

The Way We Play

“The Way We Play” has been a training course of seven days focused on gamification and NFE methodologies, a week of strong vibes and shared emotions for 24 outernational cultural workers.

My first Youth Exchange

Almost a month ago we were working in Karpacz, in the southern part of Poland. Francesco was with us, and he decided to share his experience with a short, inspiring photo-essay.

Erasmus+ Wide Web

From Alessandro’s diary (thanks for sharing!) — amazing words and sketch about our Erasmus+ Youth Exchange “Unity in Diversity” (2019)

Our first projects

As a new-born association, this is the first summer we left the dock and embraced the waves. The preparation was quite hard, but at the moment we only feel the breeze.