About Mad Med

Mad Med is a cultural association founded in Pompei (Italy) with the mission of developing dialogue and possibility of encounter in the Mediterranean basin and beyond.

Working within the fields of intercultural communication, critical thinking and professional development of youths and cultural workers, Mad Med’s core-idea is to support the creation of many open and inclusive forums for discussion among change-makers and a diversity of civil societies, in order to promote a culture of understanding, inclusion and mutual respect.


Through youth exchanges and training courses, we provide youngsters with the chance to develop critical thinking and professional skills in an easy and playful way. We use different non- formal and informal education methodologies, encouraging them to be active citizens, to increase their self-confidence, and to go beyond stereotypes by meeting new people and getting to know new cultures.


Our focus on information is straightforward: we live in an epoch in which propaganda, fake news and many other structural issues regarding misinformation are a sturdy reality. Mad Med wants: to offer a valid, reliable support for personal development of young and independent authors; to serve as an information clearing-house for both professional and citizen journalism; to provide concrete help for new-media users in the counteracting of ‘infoxication’; to be a specialized platform defending and enhancing freedom of expression and information.


Mad Med is involved in artistic and cultural projects and collaborates with several partners from all over the world. Cultural smuggling is our best skill: by creating contingent conditions for new encounters and exchanges, Mad Med aims to bypass borders and improve a free circulation of persons and ideas. Supporting the development and boosting the impact of cultural and artistic ideas, projects and collaborations, Mad Med acts as a facilitator and incubator.


Contemporary academic research does not aim to improve critical thinking. Infused with market- driven thoughts, conditioned by private funders and neglected by governments, nowadays scholars face many challenges just to keep their findings independent. The Mad Med answer is an alternative discourse as a counterweight: to promote and support non-academic research projects in diverse fields and thereby to act as a supportive platform for independent think-tanks, knowledge-sharing and scholarly exchanges.